Club: Baked – Mississippi Mud Pie

One of my new goals for myself this year: bake with my groups more often! I really don’t know why I don’t do it more often as it seems more often than not the recipes we make are amazingly delicious. This one being no exception…

This time around, our Club:Baked recipe is hosted by Jess at The Saucy Kitchen. Her choice: Mississippi Mud Pie. I feel like I say this a lot, but without this group, I never would have given this pie a chance. Me. Dark chocolate and coffee? Na… give me some caramel and milk chocolate, and I’m a happy girl 🙂

Nonetheless, both my husband and I found ourselves really enjoying this pie. I made a half version in a little 5-inch pie tin since it was just the 2 of us, and everything seemed to come together really well. There are a lot of steps in this recipe, but most of it is melt, freeze, repeat. I am thinking that this pie could be the perfect solution for when I need a dessert in the middle of the summer. The no-bake factor certainly wins points in the Phoenix summers category. A couple people mentioned on the message board that they had trouble finding chocolate wafers. I have some leftover chocolate animal crackers from when my brother made this cheesecake, and they seemed to work just fine here.

Stop by the Club: Baked page today to check out the pies from the other bloggers, and be sure to stop by Jess’s blog for hosting! Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Club: Baked – Mississippi Mud Pie

  1. Thanks for baking along with me. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The no back factor will certainly be a benefit in the summer (I feel your pain as we're in Vegas).

  2. I decided to pass this week but reading you post makes me wish I'd made this. Maybe this summer when it's warm and we need a cool dessert. Yours looks delicious.

  3. I love being in a baking group because I'm trying so many recipes I would normally pass up…like this one. So glad I made it and look forward to trying out different flavor combinations. Glad to hear this was a hit at your house too! Your mini pie looks great.

  4. I love that you made a smaller pie. I ended up bringing it to a meeting otherwise I would have tried to do something a bit smaller since we are trying to "eat better." This was so tasty!

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