Sunday Meal Plan: Week 3


You might be a triathlete (or a cyclist) if your legs look like this. Sorry for missing last week. We’re back from the race and recovering… well, I’m recovering. I have a minor foot issue that just needs a little time off. The hubby is ramping his training back up as he’s got another 70.3 race at the beginning of May. Here’s our menu plan for the week!

Breakfast for the week: Blueberry Cinnamon Overnight Oats. I don’t have a recipe for this (I really should post it!), but I’m going to try to swap my breakfast in order to up my calcium intake (these involve Greek yogurt).

Sunday: Southwestern Chicken Casserole by Fit Foodie Finds. This is a new recipe for us, but I typically love anything with southwestern flavors. I love that the rice cooks in the pan, so that you don’t have to pre-cook anything before baking it.

Monday: Blackberry Basil Chicken Salad. The weather has warmed up here so cue the start of summer dinner salad season at our house. That or this salad is just an excuse to eat ALL of the honey baked almonds.
** Prep tip: You can use a rotisserie chicken or bake/grill the chicken ahead of time. The rest of this salad is very quick.

Tuesday: Green Veggie Bowl with Chicken & Tahini Dressing from EatingWell. I made this recipe a couple weeks ago, and we really enjoyed it. Again, trying to up the calcium intake with non-dairy sources (broccoli).
** Prep tip: You could pre-chop the veggies a couple days ahead and make the rice ahead of time.

Wednesday: Korean Chicken Bowls by How Sweet Eats. What can I say, when we find a recipe we like, we make it a few times.
** Prep tip: Chicken is best if marinated ahead of time. Can also pre-chop veggies a couple days in advance, if desired.

Thursday: Non-recipe worthy burrito bowls at home or leftovers. Our sand volleyball league started and our games are usually 6-7pm, so need a VERY non-involved dinner recipe.

Friday: Dinner out!

Saturday: Chicken Tawook Quinoa Bowls by What’s Gaby Cooking. Again, a new recipe, but should be pretty quick and will allow us to get the grill going again.
** Prep tip: Chicken needs to be marinated at least 4 hours in advance.

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