Sunday Meal Plan: Week 4


Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates! We have had a pretty low key weekend since we don’t have any family around, but looking forward to grilling some steaks tonight! Also, LOVING the fact that spring finally hit while we were in California, but that pollen right now is FOR REAL!

Here’s the menu plan for the week:

Sunday: Grilled sirloin steaks with roasted brussel sprouts/fingerling potatoes. No recipe for the steaks, but the roasted vegetable recipe can be found here from Cookin’ Canuck. I just planted some herbs last weekend, so I’m oddly excited to finally get to use some of the rosemary from my own garden.

Monday: We actually didn’t end up making the Chicken Tahook Quinoa Bowls last week, so planning on re-scheduling them for today!
** Prep tip: Chicken needs to be marinated at least 4 hours in advance.

Tuesday: Crunchy Roasted Chickpea Pitas from How Sweet Eats. We have plans for trivia this night, so I needed something quick. I’ll probably make the roasted chickpeas ahead of time on Sunday so that I just have to throw this together.
** Prep tip: I’m using store bought whole wheat pita bread, but you could make the bread on the weekend and store it for an early week meal (I wouldn’t wait more than 2-3 days to use it as homemade bread will get moldy faster than you think).

Wednesday: Asian Chicken Slaw by What’s Gaby Cooking. A new to us recipe for this week, but I really like this blogger (see: the chicken tahook quinoa bowls above!).
** Prep tip: You could cook the chicken beforehand or use a shredded Rotisserie chicken for this recipe.

Thursday: Dinner out for Avengers: ENDGAME premiere!

Friday: Blackberry Basil Chicken Salad. Told you we like this recipe as soon as the weather warms up! We’ll be eating this on repeat all summer. I’m sure you could also substitute other berries, if desired.

Saturday: Cauliflower Rice Veggie Bowls again by What’s Gaby Cooking. See the prep tip for the beans. I buy a head of kale that I wash and shred myself because I like to remove all the hard middle ribbing, but you could easily by bagged kale as a sub.
** Prep tip: Beans are made in the Instant Pot which is hands off, but might take awhile. Plan ahead. You could also buy pre-cut, pre-washed kale, if desired.


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