Meal Plan – Week 6

Warmer, dry weather (finally!) has me wanting to keep things light and quick this week. Plus, the new recipes are from two of my favorite blogs. Be sure to check them out!

Here’s what I’m thinking for a menu plan. Plus input from the hubbs that he wants a specific pizza.

BBQ Chicken Pizza – As long as he’s cooking it, I will happily eat BBQ chicken pizza weekly! I may actually get pictures of it this time so I can post this variation on the blog!

Tequila Lime Flank Steak Fajita Salad with Chile Lime Vinaigrette from How Sweet It Is- Lots of words. Looks amazing! And come on, chips?!?


Greek Chicken Pitas – Yes, repeating again. These are just SO good (secret: it’s all the sauce)!

Thai Cashew Chopped Salad with Ginger Peanut Dressing – More SPRELLY!

Lemon Pepper Chicken with Artichoke Salsa and Roasted Aspargus – I’m loving that we’ve been able to get asparagus on sale recently.




Meal Plan – Week 5

Slight randomness in this, but one of our dogs has a stuffed animal (Jenna, if you’re reading this, it is Mr. Bear) that has developed a worn-out hole in his belly. I’ve been putting off fixing it for a little bit because I am horrible with a needle and thread. In all seriousness, I sewed my supplies ziplock bag to my tote bag when I took Home Economics in middle school. The pup was playing with it tonight, and I felt really bad about not having Mr. Bear in one piece. I really need to attempt to fix it… I’m probably better off talking one of the surgery residents at work into “suturing” his belly closed. Anyone have any good sewing tips?

Nonetheless, the hubbs is off tomorrow and headed to get groceries, so here’s our list:

Ready Spaghetti – It’s Monument Ave 10K week. Pasta! This is a recipe from a child-geared cookbook I had as a kid. It’s not gourmet, but provides more of a homemade sauce in a pretty quick matter. Plus, I just like it every once and awhile.

15 Minute Avocado Caprese Chicken Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette from Joyful Helathy Eats.


Chicken Brauts – We have buns and sour kraut to use.

Copycat Panera Grilled Chicken and Berry Salad – I’ve made a similar one of these before, but this one is slightly different. And, now you can buy the Panera Poppy Seed dressing.

BBQ Chicken Pizza – Slightly different than my other recipe. This is an at home copycat from a brewery pizza in Tempe, AZ. It’ll always be slightly inferior as my BBQ sauce isn’t made from their stout.





Meal Plan – Week 3

I’m hoping this last weekend was our last bout of cooler weather here. It’s warmed up again since, and I was able to go for a run outside last night in shorts and a tank. I know this isn’t true for all, but I am such a warm weather girl! I should throw out an over-under on how long it will be before I have a sock tan line…

Here’s what I’m planning for our meals this week (nothing too special as I’m working this weekend):

I’ve been on a thai kick with last week’s peanut butter, but this Thai Cashew Chopped Salad with a Ginger Peanut Sauce looks awesome. Also loving that there’s no fish sauce!


White Bean Vegetable Pizza from The Cookin’ Chemist

Whole-Grain Veggie Burrito Bowls – from April’s Cooking Light. Sounds like an upgrade to our go-to quick dinner burrito bowls

Chicken Shawarma Fries with Mediterranean Salsa with Garlic Sauce from Iowa Girl Eats. Not 100% sure if I’ll make this over fries or over rice, but it looks great! After looking at last week’s Friday Favorites, I seem to be on a fries kick.


Grilled Vegetable Masala Burgers from Trader Joes topped with feta cheese spread and served with grilled veggies. So good. We first tried these burgers topped with the dip around a year ago, and TJs was sold out of the burgers for weeks after that. So glad we’ve been able to get them recently. The burgers are good on their own, but the feta dip makes it.


Meal Plan – Week 2

There’s a couple from a town a few hours away from here that sells their own nut butter blends. We ran into them at a festival here almost 2 years ago and have been fans since. I believe they’re hoping to open a restaurant in Fredericksburg, VA soon selling sandwiches and crepes. You can guarantee that I’ll be heading that way soon after it opens. Check them out! The business name is Sprelly, and they’ll ship their products. The white chocolate almond butter comes highly recommended. It makes English Muffins my favorite breakfast food and is also quite good on spoons 🙂

I tell you that to tell you this. I have a container of Sweet Thai Peanut Butter from Sprelly in my pantry, and it needs to be made into some type of peanut-sauce stir fry. If you have any “must try” recipes, I’d love them! I’m thinking maybe this Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry with Amazing Peanut Sauce from Skinny Mommy?


Pepperoni, Onion, Pepper, and Black Olive Pizza on Whole Wheat Dough

Reuben’s – Maybe not so Irish, but the corned beef is!

This Baked Rigatoni with Sausage and Spinach by Real Food by Dad looks amazing as well!


Roasted Sweet Potato, Pinto Bean, and Swiss Chard Tacos by The Cookin’ Chemist (although it looks like these photos desperately need updated).


Meal Plan – Week 1

Well, hello there blog world! It’s been quite awhile!

Life has gone on a little since I last regularly updated this little blog. I’ve moved. Across several states. Twice. Completed two half-Ironman distance triathlons and one full Ironman. With the new Ironman tattoo to prove it. The first of these lead to the ultimate demise of my blog. Turns out when you’re working full time and training 8-10 hours (or 14-16 for the full Ironman) a week you end up hungry. Really, really hungry. And you don’t really care what the food you’re eating looks like (definitely not photo ready) or how “original” the recipe was. If it’s food, you eat it!

In all honesty, I’m lucky I remembered the password to this darn thing… But here I am. I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things with a few recipes a week as well as a few non-recipe pieces including our weekly menu ideas. So without further ado, the food 🙂

A bit about our meal plan philosophy. The hubbs and I meal plan to an extent, however we are not rigid about it. We typically will pick out 4-5 recipes per week which and make whichever recipe happens to sound good that day. The other days are supplemented by leftovers, about 1 dinner out per week, and standard staples we keep around the house. We often turn to these staple meals on the days where we’re either too busy and/or too tired (read: triathlete on the verge of hangry if I’m not fed now nights). Most of these things aren’t really “blog worthy”, but I can elaborate as they come up.

On our list for this week:

Grilled steaks with grilled asparagus

Roasted Poblano Salsa Chicken Enchiladas -The Iowa Girl Eats
(recipe and photo credit to IGE)


BBQ chicken and veggie pizza – The Cookin’ Chemist original (Although not yet posted. This is slightly different that the other BBQ chicken pizza I have referenced)

Greek pitas – Also The Cookin’ Chemist original, although this isn’t much of a recipe

Unstuffed Pepper Skillet – The Garlic Diaries
(recipe and photo credit to The Garlic Diaries)


Cheers to getting back in this game!