Meal Plan – Week 4

Planning simple meals this week – I’m out of town from Friday morning through Sunday evening, so the hubbs will be on his own. The translation of that is there will be lots of grilled sausages, grilled hamburgers, and possibly a pizza in the house. Good thing I made and froze some pizza dough for him this last weekend!

Our plans aside, this is what’s sounding good to me (and what I’ll be cooking for the meals I’m here!). On that note, I’m a little lighter on recipes this week (only picking out 4), since I’m planning on being out of town.

Cheeseburger Salad – There’s a similar recipe in the April Cooking Light issue that reminded me I haven’t made ours recently.

Greek Yogurt Egg Salad Sandwiches – I actually don’t have any leftover hardboiled eggs from Easter (we worked so we didn’t really celebrate), but I am planning to make a few as this sounds good and so easy! I won’t do this for a weeknight meal, but how good would this be with homemade French loaves?!?


King Ranch Chicken and Quinoa Casserole in the April Cooking Light – Quinoa + casserole + Southwest flavor + a recipe that’ll make for some lunches with leftovers. Sold.


CL April 16: Cook Once, Eat 3x-Quinoa

White Bean Vegetable Pizza – We have cheese and bean mixture leftover from the pizza this week. And it was delicious. Repeater!



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