Week 18: Friday Favorites

I would say it’s a pretty big Friday. Not only is it the Friday before a holiday, but a Friday where the hubby and I both have the weekend off from work! Neither of us can claim any Irish blood, but I’m still thinking it would be fun to find a place serving Reubens and Guinness this weekend! I have to admit, I’ve been in a St. Patrick’s Day mood for a couple weeks now. In fact, it has been on my mind ever since having a cupcake with Irish cream frosting from Urban Cookie here in Phoenix. If you are ever in the area, I would highly recommend it.

We are suppose to have beautiful weather this weekend, so there is also some talk of heading out to a spring training baseball game. Neither of us have any strong alliances to a team, so whichever one works with our schedule will probably be where we end up.

Hope you have a great weekend planned. Here are my favorite (heavily St. Patrick’s Day-related) finds for the week. I guess that still gives you a couple days to hop on one of these for the holiday 🙂

Favorite Irish Cream recipe. Fudge Brownies with Bailey’s Buttercream by Diethood. I can’t even. These look amazing. Loving the frosting to brownie ratio here too. She made these with her daughter, and the post is adorable!

baileys brownies 4wp Fudge Brownies with Baileys Buttercream Frosting

Favorite kitchen storage idea. Under counter shelves seen on Seventh House on the Left. Using this space for extra storage is a great idea. Cookbook storage anyone?


Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Snack. Shamrock Tortilla Chips by Spiced. These look adorable. And so easy!

How to make Shamrock Tortilla Chips for St. Patrick's Day

Favorite Guinness Main Dish Recipe. Guinness French Onion Soup by Closet Cooking. Wonder if this will still be as good in 80+ degrees? We may have to find out.

Guinness French Onion Soup

Favorite Guinness Dessert. Guinness Ice Cream on Foodista.com. Now this is a refreshing dessert for that 80+ day!

Favorite funny. Running quotes seen on Claim Your Journey. I love seeing the funny signs people come up with when I’m running a race!

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