Week 16: Friday Favorites

My week this week was pretty good. I ventured out to try Thai food for the first time on Tuesday night with some great friends, and ended up really enjoying the night (both the food and the company). I have always been hesitant about eating Thai, Vietnamese, and other similar types of food because I really cannot do seafood. In any form. The menu at this place was huge making it really easy to find something (several things really) that sounded amazing. The dish I ended up getting had chicken, veggies, and cashews in a broth-based, spicy sauce served over rice. So good. I will definitely be back.

While it was a good week, there are two big reasons I am thankful the weekend will be here soon. The first – this weekend will be the first days all month that they hubbs and I have had off together. While we both work a condensed schedule, our schedules have been completely opposite, so it feels like we’ve barely seen each other all month. We don’t really have any pre-set plans for this weekend, but I think we’re both ready for a weekend off! The second – the weather here is suppose to be beautiful this weekend. Bring on the 80 degree days. I am ready for them!

Hope you have something fun planned for your weekend. Enjoy my finds for the week!

Favorite Easter Craft Idea. Big String Eggs by The Boutique Girls. I made some of these last year to display in a basket we have sitting on the coffee table in the living room. They turned out really cute, but didn’t make it through the storage closet this year. They don’t cost much to make, so I may try to do it again!

Favorite Nutella Treat. Gooey Butter Nutella Cake by Cannella Vita. Erica describes these little guys as not so photogenic but oh so good. I would disagree. You can tell by how gooey these look that they’ll be amazing.

Favorite Chinese Recipe. Cashew Chicken by Daily Unadventures in Cooking. We love a good stir-fry. Enough said.

Homemade Cashew Chicken

Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Craft. St. Patty’s Day in a Jar seen on The Family Kitchen. These definitely have the cute factor and look like they could be a fun craft to put together if you have kids (or just kids at heart like us).

Header STPats1 St. Pattys Day in a Jar

Favorite Dinner Idea. Thai Chicken Quinoa Bowl by How Sweet It Is. Apparently I’m on an Asian-food kick after my meal on Tuesday. Nonetheless, this will me made soon in our house.

Favorite Make-ahead Breakfast. Baked Blueberry Coconut Oatmeal by Two Peas & Their Pod. Having this packed for breakfast would make work mornings so much better.


Favorite Summer Idea. Aqua Lounge 4-person Float with MP3 System seen on brookstone.com. This looks awesome. I wonder if the material making the tube is durable enough to sustain a trip down the river? If so, you would certainly be floating in style!

SEA DOO Aqua Lounge 4 Person Float with MP3 System


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