Week 6: Friday Favorites

Friday. We meet again. This one is a little less sweet around here as we both work this weekend. Speaking of sweet, the Hot Chocolate race last weekend was pretty fun! It was really well organized, and the running part was much faster than my last attempt. I had an average of 9:13 /mile which is booking it pretty good in my world. Slowly working my way into making that time faster and faster!

On another note, do you have your Christmas shopping done yet? We’re down to one person, but we have a pretty good idea what we’re getting him/her. Almost there! We were fortunate enough to have a couple weekdays off this week due to working the weekend, and it was so nice to go shopping when it wasn’t so crazy!

Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend! Enjoy my favorite finds for the week.

Favorite DIY tip. Best DIY Painting Tools on The Family Handyman. Neither one of us have ever had to paint a wall. And, the walls in our living room are easily 18 feet tall. Definitely going to need all of these tips if we ever decide to redecorate.

Best DIY Painting Tools

Favorite Appetizer. Mediterranean Stuffed Cheese Buns by Yammie’s Noshery. These may not even be an appetizer. I’d eat them as my main course!

Favorite Funny T-shirt. Midwest Map on Ragunsite.com. The shape of my home state is on this shirt. Not sure the name made it on there anywhere. 🙂  The link is pretty little, so be sure to go to the website to see a full-scale version.

Midwest Map ^

Favorite Christmas Candy. Gingerbread Caramels by Good Life Eats. Caramels are such a seasonal thing to me. My husband’s step-father makes the best caramels, but only during the Christmas season. These look like a fun variation on the original.

Favorite Soup. Creamy Roasted Tomato-Balsamic Soup by Tracey’s Culinary Adventures. I am in love with all the flavors here. Better yet that it’s a Cooking Light find. Would be perfect for a cool rainy night we are suppose to have tonight!

Creamy Roasted Tomato-Balsamic Soup

Favorite Gift Idea/Craft Project. Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket by Moogly Blog. I have recently tried to re-start teaching myself to crochet by making a blanket for the new pup in the house. Figured he didn’t care if there were little mistakes in his blanket 🙂 This is WAY above my ability level at this time (I can’t even read the pattern), but I would love to be able to make something this beautiful at some point.

free crochet baby blanket pattern, striped, bobbles


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