Club: Baked – Speculaas

This week’s Club: Baked recipe was co-posted with our sister group, Baked Sunday Mornings. Both of our groups are baking through the book, Baked Explorations, but we are typically on different schedules as the Sunday morning group was established before we began our trip through the book. For fun, this time we decided to join-up on a recipe. More people baking together at one time. Should be fun. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts! As described in the book, these cookies came together really easily for me. I mixed them up before leaving the house to run some errands, and they were ready to roll out and bake when I got back. My dough was a little sticky when rolling it out, but that is the only (minor) complaint that I had. 
speculaas - rolling out dough
These cookies certainly end up on the crunchy side of things. I feel like mine were a little soft when I took them out of the oven, but the y set-up quite a bit as they cool. From the description of the cookies, it sounds like they are meant to be a crunchier cookie. I typically am a chewy cookie gal, but I found myself going back for these again and again. They were right up my husband’s alley as he likes his cookies crunchy. I can’t write this post without mentioning my beetle cookie cutter. I do actually drive a Beetle and received this cookie cutter as a gift from a 7-yr old family friend. Too cute!
speculaa in car shape
These cookies certainly have that “holiday” type flavor and seem like they would keep really well for some time (not that I would know as ours didn’t last very long). Something that I will definitely have to keep in mind for future holiday cookie plates. Be sure to check out the Club: Baked page to see the post from both our group and the Baked Sunday Mornings group. Should be a great round-up!

8 thoughts on “Club: Baked – Speculaas

  1. I too am a soft and chewy cookie fan. So, I liked these right out of the oven… however, like you, we just kept eating them even though they were very crispy! A perfect snack with a cup of tea! I love the Beetle cookie cutter! How cute! Would be a great cookie to decorate with some royal icing!

  2. I love your flower shapes and your Beetle too! Very cute. I was too lazy to roll mine out and I did a log instead and the sliced off rounds. Glad these cookies were a hit for you. It's always a nice surprise when you think you don't care for something, like a crunchy cookie, but then find you can't keep your hands off of them. I was in the non crunchy camp for a long time, but have definitely come to appreciate cookies of all textures. 🙂

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