Club: Baked – Sunday Night Cake

The next Club: Baked recipe was chosen by one of my favorite bloggers, Julie from Little Bit of Everything. I first met Julie through SMS, and she was the first blogger that I knew in my town. We have since moved to a new state (from NE to AZ), but I still love looking through Julie’s recipes!  

In the book, they talk about how this is one of their favorite cakes. While fancy layer cakes are nice, they take a lot of time and patience to make. Sometimes it is nice to make a cake in a pan, frost it, and eat! That’s exactly what this cake is. It is a white-cinnamon base topped with a dark chocolate, pudding-like frosting. We really enjoyed the cake portion. The recipe called for a 9×9-inch pan, but I baked mine in a 8×8-inch pan. I had to add about 10 minutes to the bake time called for in the recipe, but it seemed to work okay. My cake turned out a little dense, but it was definitely still nice and moist! In my opinion, the frosting was just okay, but this may be due to the fact that I don’t tend to gravitate towards chocolate-heavy recipes. I also think I may have let the frosting beat in the mixer just a little too long because the butter almost started to separate, so I would recommend to stick to the 2-3 minutes called for in the recipe. If dark chocolate is your thing, you’d probably love this frosting as it is chocolatey and pudding-like, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. 

But, don’t let my chocolate aversions keep you from trying out this cake. We were already discussing other possible frosting ideas for the cake. I’m thinking maybe a cinnamon buttercream or even a cream cheese frosting would be great! Be sure to stop by the Club: Baked page to check out the other cakes. I know there are some other ladies there that are chocolate lovers, so they may have a better review of the frosting 🙂 Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Club: Baked – Sunday Night Cake

  1. Dark chocolate is my weakness so I absolutely loved the frosting, but you should check out Gloria's orange glaze at The Ginger Snap Girl – it might be more up your alley. It's definitely something I'll try as fall comes around. It looked awesome. My cake turned out a bit dense too, but still moist despite me cooking it for way too long.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the nice comments!! Your cake looks delicious. The frosting was my favorite but I am such a chocolate lover! Thanks so much for baking along.

  3. Wow NE to AZ, huh! Big change. My family moved to AZ from CA about 7 years ago- pretty damn hot but I personally love the monsoons! Hope you are adjusting well.My cake was also dense but seemingly too moist. I did enjoy the frosting but I -heart- chocolate in general. Agree with Jess for you to check out Gloria's frosting. Nice job!

  4. I have wondered about this recipe so many times as I've flipped through the book! Glad you guys made it, it's good to read your reviews. I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate so not sure the frosting would be my thing either, but I bet Shane would love it.

  5. I loved the cake base. It's so versatile and could go with so many different types of frostings. Normally I am a chocolate girl but this time did an orange cinnamon glaze that turned out really nicely. Your cake looks great!

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