Crispy Baked Taco Bowls

This one isn’t so much a recipe as it is a fun dinner idea to put a spin on a dinnertime staple. I saw saw these adorable shells over on Annie’s Eats several weeks ago and immediately bookmarked it because in college, one of the things I always liked about our Mexican buffet at the cafeteria (yes, I actually liked this cafeteria meal) was the taco bowls. I’m not going to lie. They’re cute. Better yet you can use the bowls to pile on all the toppings you want because let’s face it, I am one of those people that fills their taco shells too full and ends up needing a fork anyway.

We actually ended up making these on a night where we needed supper on the table NOW. They’re great because they require almost no preparation, are done in the time that it takes to make the taco meat/filling, and can also serve as chips if you discover that you’re out – this may or may not be from experience =)

Since it’s such a simple recipe and definitely not my idea, I am not going to repost the instructions. So, dig out that favorite taco recipe and head over to Annie’s eats to get started making those taco bowls. I’m sure your family will love them!


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