SMS: Sour Cherry and Almond Biscotti

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been able to bake along, so I was glad to be back with the gals at SMS this week. This week’s recipe was hosted by Tracey at Made by Tray-Tray.  The first time I made biscotti was just this past year for The Cookie Carnival, and my husband loved them. He’s a crunchy cookie guy, so it’s not too surprising that he likes them. He’s also been bugging me for the past couple months to make some more biscotti, so I thought these would make the perfect treat to leave for him after I had to come back to NE.

I wasn’t for sure what I would think of these. Normally, I’m not much for nuts in my dessert. I like nuts, just not in my cookies, brownies, etc. Nevertheless, I have to say this dough was AWESOME! I’m quite sure that I could have sat down with the bowl and a spoon 🙂

As for my verdict on the final cookies, I’m not quite sure. I really, really liked the flavors in these, but I’m still a chewy cookie girl at heart. Even my self-proclaimed crunchy-cookie lover husband thought that these would be a little better if they hadn’t been quite so done. They weren’t too brown, just a little hard for our tastes. Nevertheless, this dough has a lot of potential! I think we’ll be trying these again soon, but it may be in more of a traditional cookie form next time 🙂 

A big thanks to Tracey for hosting this week. Check out the comments on the blog post to see how the other ladies did this week!


13 thoughts on “SMS: Sour Cherry and Almond Biscotti

  1. My fiance is a soft cookie person as well, so whenever I make biscotti, I separate the dough into two halves: one half I bake the traditional way, the "bi" in biscotti – baked two times. and the other half we call "unscotti" because we only bake them for the first baking time in the recipe. He loves them in that slightly chewy way. You should try them like that!

  2. I agree Tessa – I definitely prefer my cookies a little softer, especially since I don't like coffee or tea so I never dunk biscotti. This dough did smell awesome though and I snuck quite a few bites 🙂 Great idea to make these in a traditional cookie form.

  3. The raw dough was soooo delicious, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who snuck a bite, or two…I am also in the chewy cookie camp, but I did thoroughly enjoy these. Your biscotti look great.

  4. Your biscotti turned out nice! Although I didn't bake mine as long as the book said to, I still found my biscotti to be a little "harder"/crunchier than my usual biscotti. The long baking time probably didn't help it in that regard, but I think that's just how they're intended to be. I'm glad your husband liked them. One of these days, I'll have to post my go-to biscotti recipe. When I do, I'll let you know. Maybe you'd like to try them sometime :o)

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