SMS: Chocolate Orange Macaroons

This week’s SMS was hosted by Ellen of Blue Tree Green Heart. I don’t have a lot of experience with making coconut macaroons, and I was glad to see this recipe seemed pretty simple. Five ingredients, one of them being coconut, what’s not to love?

Overall I think they came out pretty well. Mine seemed to spread quite a bit while they baked but I’m attributing this to the lack of a cookie scoop. I just tried to pack them into a little ball as well as I could with my hands. Check out the picture below. They almost look like an oatmeal cookie if you don’t look close enough to see the coconut 🙂 The other problem that I encountered was that they stuck like crazy to the aluminum foil. I had to stick the entire pan in the fridge, macaroons and all before I could get them peeled of the foil. I’m not sure if spraying the foil with cooking spray would help or not, but I would definitely try out the parchment paper next time.

I saved a couple for myself and took the rest of the batch to my brother. He’s here in town doing research at the medical center for the summer and is living with several other college-aged boys. I haven’t heard anything directly from him, but after talking to my mother on the phone tonight, I guess she heard about them. Sounds like they enjoyed them 🙂 

Check out Ellen’s blog for the recipe or pick up the Sweet Melissa Baking Book instead for tons of other great recipes! 


13 thoughts on “SMS: Chocolate Orange Macaroons

  1. I wish I had taken the time to pack them into balls with my hands, I just cookie scooped them… and the coconut strands that jutted out from the cookie crisped up wayyy too hard. You look like you didn't have that problem, these look great!

  2. I love the way yours look Tessa! I have a cookie scoop, but I still wound up using my hands to pack these macaroons. Whenever I use aluminum foil, I spray it with cooking spray just to be safe, but I used parchment for this recipe so not sure how the sprayed aluminum foil would have worked. Glad they were a hit! Also, did you get a new blog design? It looks great 🙂

  3. Yours look wonderful!! I didn't have a cookie scoop either, so I did the same thing. Packed them as tight as I could with my hands. I love your new blog header, too!!

  4. Your macaroons turned out great! I used a cookie scoop, but also ended up using my hands to shape them more. How nice that you have some college-age boys to share treats with; I'm sure they appreciate anything you make.I like your new blog design!

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